Aug 31, 2018

Scenery Talchung City FDC from Taiwan

FDC Name:Scenery Talchung City
Issue Date:03/05/2018
Continuing the series of Taiwan Scenery postage stamps released in 2016 and 2017 depicting Taitung County, Tainan City and Matsu, Chunghwa Post issued a further set of four stamps featuring outstanding places of interest in Taichung City. The stamps are described below: 
1. Taichung Park (NT$8): An important landmark in Taichung City. The Park is verdant and full of trees with historic buildings such as the antique Heart of the Lake and Gazing at the Moon Pavilions. There is also an open-air stage and children’s play area, making the Park a hotspot for family walks, rest and leisure. 
2. National Taichung Theater (NT$9): The Theater lies in the Xitun District of Taichung City. It was designed by the Japanese architect, Toyo Ito, to be a womb for beautiful music. The building has 3D-curved surfaces with air holes and is of a tubular design; no pillars are used in any part of it. Seen face on, it curves round like a flagon of wine: truly something wholly new. 
3. Wuling Farm (NT$12): The Farm lies on the banks of the Qijiawan River in the upper reaches of the Da-Jia River. It was established in 1963. It hosts abundant plant and animal life, cultural relics and the Neolithic Qijiawan site. In spring it is famed for its flowers, in summer for fruit, in autumn for red maple leaves and in winter for snow. It is a well-known tourist spot. 
4. Gaomei Wetlands (NT$15): The Wetlands lie in Qingshui, at the south side to the mouth of the Da-Jia River. They are rich in natural resources thanks to a combination of fertile mud and sandy beaches. The marshy land at the estuary supports a rich and complex wetland ecology and is famous for bird watching. In recent years the Wetlands have become an internationally famous tourist attraction.
FDC Designer- Delta Design Corporation and the Stamp Printer-China Color Printing Co.Ltd(Source- Chunghwa Post)
Remark:Nice real posted FDC from Taiwan.thanks Chen.Excellent two type of cancellation.

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