Feb 19, 2009

Ocaleli Zaglady(Survived the Destruction) FDC from Poland

FDC Name:Ocaleli Zaglady
Issue Date:30th JAN'2009
Details:Polish Post has introduced into circulation stamps "survived the destruction." In this way the commemoration were Poles, were German prisoners of Nazi concentration camps during World War II .
  1. Bishop Ignacy Ludwik Jeż (1914-2007) - priest since 1937, co-author of the letter of the Polish Bishops to the German Bishops in 1965; prisoner of KL Dachau (1942-1945). Bishop Ignatius was ordained a priest Jeż adopted in 1937 and started to work as a pastoral vicar in the parish of Assumption of Virgin Mary in Hajdukach Great (now Chorzów Batory). In August 1942 he was arrested by the Gestapo. Trafił do KL Dachau. Went to KL Dachau.He returned to Poland in May 1946. In June 1972 he became the first bishop of the Diocese of New koszalińsko-Kołobrzeg. He died on 16 October 2007 at the Gemelli clinic in Rome
  2. Stanisława Maria Sawicka (1895-1982) - historian of art and musicologist, supervisor of the Print Room of Warsaw University Library. Prisoner in Ravensbrück, the largest camp for women (1944-1945).
The first concentration camp was established in Dachau (Bavaria) already in 1933, i.e. when Hitler took power, to isolate Third Reich opponents and those who were deemed "unusable". After World War II broke out, the camps were established also in the territory of countries in occupation; some of them became death factories where masses of people, mainly Jews, were murdered. The largest such camp with gas chambers and crematories was KL Auschwitz-Birkenau (1940-1945) in Oświęcim and Brzezinka. Around 18 million people were imprisoned in all types of Nazi camps; 11 million of them died. Only around 20% of prisoners survived from among prisoners of concentration camps and extermination camps.
  • Author: Janusz Wysocki
  • Number of stamps: 4
  • Denomination: PLN 1.45, PLN 2.10, PLN 2.40 and PLN 3
  • Print run: 400,000 each
  • Printing technique: offset
  • Stamp size: 31.25 x 39.5 mmpaper: fluorescentselling sheets: containing 16 stamps
Remark:Nice FDC from my friend, a set of 4 stamps was released by Polish post in 2 FDC but I am Lucky to get only one FDC.Many thanks to him.

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