Jul 17, 2013

XXV Nationwide Latvian Song and XV Dance Festival FDC from LATVIA

FDC Name:XXV Nationwide Latvian Song and XV Dance Festival
Issue Date:28-06-2013
The new stamps depict the Festival's participants - choir singers and dancers - in ornate national costumes. The stamp block and the first-day cover also incorporate the Festival's logo, which has been inspired by Jānis Lūsēns' song Rieta lūgšana (Sunset Prayer) with lyrics by Inese Zandere, recorded by Latvijas Pasts mixed choir.

The designer of the stamp block and the first-day cover is artist Lilija Dinere. The print run of the stamp block, which consists of two stamps, is 30,000. The face value of the stamps is LVL 0.35 and EUR 0.50,corresponding to the cost of mailing a regular letter within Latvia.

The stamps are Latvijas Pasts' second dedication to the Festival. The first stamps dedicated to the Song and Dance Festival were released fifteen years ago - in 1998.

The Song and Dance Festival this year will take place from June 30 to July 7. The Festival is a unique Latvian cultural event rooted in the Latvian national folklore and professional music traditions, and has gained a symbolic meaning of national unity and identity over the course of history. Over a period of 140 years, the Song and Dance Festival has become a treasure of the Latvian cultural heritage. It is a nationwide tradition, a high-level amateur art movement, which is jointly created under the guidance of music, dance and art professionals by tens of thousands of Latvian people from primary school to old age.Source-Latvia post.
Remark:Thanks Juris for sending this nice miniature FDC to me on the issue date.The stamps are realy colourful.Are you coming to Thailand world Stamp exhibition 2013 form 2nd AUG'2013 to 14th AUG'2013.I will be there from 6th AUG'2013.

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João said...

Very nice FDC!
Greetings from Brazil!


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