Jun 27, 2013

Stamps in honour of 400,000 blood donors in the Netherlands

Issue date: 14th JUN'2013
PostNL issued special stamps in honour of 400,000 blood donors in the Netherlands. This stamp sheetlet shows the relationship between blood donor and patient. The first issue of this stamp sheetlet has been handed over to Aart van Os, chairman of the Board of Management of Sanquin Blood Supply by Yme Pasma, director of the PostNL Consumer Market department. This took place done on 14 June, World Blood Donor Day, at the Sanquin head office in Amsterdam.

The World Blood Donor Day stamp sheetlet comprises ten stamps, with two different designs. Designer Suzanne Rosier from The Hague looked for the essence of the relationship between patient and donor, and how to best depict this. She decided upon a concept based on playing cards. The red-and-white stamps are designed as a King of Hearts, which has a white background, and a Queen of Hearts, which has a red background. Like the real playing cards, the images are mirrored.

"The choice for this concept was based on the image representing the feeling behind the meaning of the relationship. Which is, in fact, the love of one person being someone else's life-saving blood. That is why I chose to represent the drop of blood in the form of a heart, which serves as a kind of logo. By focusing on the donor-patient relationship, they are both turned into "true" heroes. Just like the nobles on the playing cards, Suzanne explained. The connection between donor and patient is depicted on the stamp sheetlet in various ways. Everything on this stamp sheetlet pivots around its axis: the playing card figures, the emblems, and the typography. Which, in turn, depicts the playful dynamics associated with a deck of cards".

World Blood Donor Day:
World Blood Donor Day is an initiative by the World Health Organisation, WHO, which is a part of the United Nations. By means of this day, the WHO wants to draw world-wide attention to the importance of blood donations. While most Western countries have efficient organisations around blood donations, this is not such a matter of course in many other countries. With the World Blood Donor Day, the WHO intends to stimulate the voluntary and unpaid donation of blood.

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