May 8, 2012

Queen's Diamond Jubilee engraved stamp form CANADA

Stamp Name:Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
Issue Date:7th MAY'2012
On May 7th, Canada Post has issued a very special engraved stamp as part of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee collection - one with a pretty neat story. In 1897, Canada's Post Office Department celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria - the only other Monarch of Canada to achieve the 60-year milestone - with an issue of 16 intaglio stamps. The design featured a portrait of the young Queen, as well as one created at the time of Queen Victoria's 60th anniversary. The series remains a classic for collectors.
In May 2012, Canada Post will release a single stamp that mirrors the design of the 1897 stamp. Engraved and printed in the same purple tone as the $2 Queen Victoria commemorative, the 2012 recreation features an image of a young Queen Elizabeth II, taken early in her reign, facing a more recent photograph of Her Majesty.
The stamps are issued in a pane of eight. A souvenir sheet is available individually and included in Volume 5 of the Diamond Jubilee Keepsake Folders.
Despite the fact that the original Queen Victoria stamps were issued 115 years ago, they were very much in the minds of collectors, particularly as Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee loomed on the horizon.
Says Jim Phillips, Director of Stamp Services, "For years, philatelists and collectors who specialize in stamps featuring Queen Elizabeth II have told us the Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee issue was the standard by which stamps celebrating this Diamond Jubilee would be measured. We listened to them and decided that since this is such a rare milestone for a reigning Monarch, since there have been only two - we would borrow inspiration from that great 1897 issue. And the result is, we think - definitely fit for a Queen. Our Queen Elizabeth II."

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