May 9, 2012

Europa 2012 stamps from ESTONIA

Stamp Name:Europa 2012.
Estonia is a small northern country with interesting history and pristine nature, it's a friendly and a modern country. It takes only 5 days to cover all of Estonia and its islands, everything is so close here. Forests, lakes, bogs and sandy beaches all give an unforgettable sight. Winters are cold here, you can go to the islands over the ice roads. Estonian population is small, approximately 1.3 million people. Everyone is hard working, welcoming, thinks highly of their family and is eager to learn new things.
Estonia is known for its e-country, Skype and many other achievements in medicine and technology. Over the centuries Estonia has been a part of Sweden, Denmark, Germany and also Russia. They have all left something of their culture, changed landscapes and architecture. The old town of Tallinn is one of the most well preserved and protected medieval towns in Europe (UNESCO cultural heritage). Estonians are a singing nation - there is a nationwide singing and dancing festival in every 5 years. Come see and listen to this land and its people!

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