Mar 26, 2012

Contemporary design Postage Stamps from ICELAND

Stamp Name:Contemporary design series.
Fashion is the theme of the third series of stamps dedicated to Icelandic contemporary design.
Shoes and stockings are designed by Hugrun Dogg Arnadottir and Magni Thorsteinsson. Their company is KronKron. Their shoe lines have been noted for innovative design. According to reviewers their design is characterized by joy and romance with creative use of colors.
The dress on the 100 g stamp is designed by Steinunn Sigurdardottir. Her artistic creations are said to build on extensive cooperation with many well-known contemporary designers. Reviewers note that her design is rooted in the national knitting tradition.
An Icelandic wool sweater is designed by Bergthora Gudnadottir of the Farmers Market fashion company. The company's introductory pamphlet states that natural ingredients are the leitmotif of Bergthora's design, inspired as she is by Icelandic heritage where people and animals live close to nature.
66 ° NORTH has attracted attention for their innovative design of high quality materials. The company has received numerous awards for design and marketing. Among the company's products are clothing for the police, firefighters and rescue workers.

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