May 26, 2011

Europa 2011 FDC from LATIVA

FDC Name:Europa 2011
Issue Date:8th APR'2011
Stamps issued on 8th of April. First one is the "Birch grove" with face value of 0.55 LVL (standard price for up to 20g letter to Europe). Second stamps is "Spruce forest" with face value of 1.20 LVL (standard price for registered letter to Europe).The details are as follows

1.Title: Europe "Forests" - birch grove,
Price (Ls): 0.55
Release date 08/04/2011
Mākslnieks Edgar Folks
Printed SIA "Baltic Banknote" (Latvia)
Circulation 1,500,000

2.Title: Europe "Forests" - has opened its Spruce,
Price (Ls): 1.20
Release date 04/05/2011
Mākslnieks Edgar Folks
Printed SIA "Baltic Banknote" (Latvia)
Circulation 150,000

(Source-Lativa post)
Remark:I have received 2 FDC from exchange partner friends Juris & Limanski EN.Many many thanks to both for sending such nice EUROPA FDC on the issue date.

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