Apr 14, 2011

2011-WWF Safeguarding the Natural World Minitature sheet FDC from GB

FDC Name:WWF Safeguarding the Natural World
Issue date:22nd MAR'2011 
WWF is the world’s most experienced environmental charity and in 2011, it celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Created in 1961, the World Wildlife Fund, as it was then known, was formed by a group of eminent wildlife experts who launched the conservation organization to tackle environmental problems across the world.

Royal Mail is issuing a total of 14 stamps to mark the anniversary of the foundation of the WWF. 2011 is the UN Year of Forests, and forests are the Post Europ theme and we will be celebrating this through a separate four-stamp miniature sheet that looks at the species of the Amazon Rain Forest.
1st Class – Spider Monkey
Spider monkeys are some of the largest primates in South America. Their prehensile tail allows them to find stability when sitting on branches and to reach out for food at the tip of fragile branches by suspending themselves with it.
60p – Hyacinth Macaw
In the 1980s an estimated 10,000 hyacinth macaws were illegally captured and sold as pets, while the species' natural habitat was being destroyed by deforestation.
88p – Poison Dart Frog
With its striking appearance and unique features, the poison dart frog is one of the most interesting - and dangerous – Amazon species. The poison dart frog uses its brightly coloured skin to warn predators that it is "unfit to eat." The skin secretes a dangerous poison that can paralyze and in some cases kill predators.
97p – Jaguar
Jaguars are the largest American cats and strong swimmers and climbers. They weigh over 300 pounds and grow to more than eight feet in length, including a two-foot tail. Although legally protected, hunting and habitat loss continue to be threats. 
WWF - Miniature Sheet Technical Details:
Number of stamps- Four
Design- Rose Design Consultants
Illustration- Janice Nicolson
Stamp Format- Landscape
Stamp Size- 41mm x 30mm
Printer- Cartor Security Printing Meaucé, France
Print Process- Lithography
Perforations- 14.5 x 14.5
Phosphor- All over
Gum -PVA
(Source-Royal Mail)
Remark: As my topic collection is Tiger & WWF and that is from one of my favorite nation Great Britain(I have started collecting GB from last year seriously) so this particular issue of 14 stamps became my favorite.Thanks to Royal Mail issuing such beautiful stamps & FDC on WWF.

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