Apr 15, 2011

2011-Clover Pinda FDC from CZECH REPUBLIC

FDC Name: Clover Pinda
Issue Date:9th FEB'2011
Self-adhesive stamp booklet with disbursing stamps with the letter "A" from the Czech edition of the original comics Four-Leaf Clover.
The mark shows a hare on behalf of the Pinda. In the hands holding paintbrushes and paints a picture in front of it lies a box with tempera paints. Pinda is another character, issued a postage stamp. The last "boy" from the four-leaf clovers - Bobik it will soon follow.
The letter A corresponds to the price of ordinary domestic type - the standard to 50 g Price List of basic postal services in the current version - currently amounting to CZK 10(Source-Cheska Post)
Nominal value 10 CZK
Print Sheets s pay 10 pc marks in the form of stickers with departments nationwide by the intersection
Image Dimensions  23 x 31 mm
The design Jaroslav Nemecek

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