Dec 11, 2010

2010-Sri Sri Borda FDC from INDIA

FDC Name:Sri Sri Borda
Issue Date:6th DEC'2010
Sri Sri Borda Amarendranath Chakravarty popularly known as Sri Sri Borda was born on 21st November 1911 at Himayetpur in Pabna District of Bengal province now in Bangladesh to Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra and Jagat Janani Sri Sri Shorashibala Devi. 
His father was regarded as prophets by his follower. He established Satsang – the community of the lover of existence. He advocated that there is only one god and that every single being is the child of God. 
Sri Sri Amarendranath Chakravarty was grew up and inherited legacy of his father. He was ascetic and saintly. He guided the movement of Satsang in a big way. Never running after name, fame and riches, he served the people wholeheartedly. He opened schools for the development of education. He established hospitals where free treatment was given to the poor.He passed away on 5th August 1994 leaving behind a well knit Spiritual "Satsang" endowed with his wisdom and love.
Stamp,FDC and Cancellation is designed by Nenu Gupta
Remark:FDC posted to me on the issue date by Speed post and Registered post by Depanker.The image of the Brochure will give you the technical details.The text source is from India Post website.Thanks for visiting my blog.

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