Jul 10, 2010

Indian Naval Air Squadron 300 FDC from INDIA

FDC Name:Indian Naval Air Squadron 300
Issue Date:7th JULY'2010
With India poised at the threshold of indigenising the critical capability of building an aircraft carrier and carrier-borne fighter aircraft, the 'Indian Naval Air Squadron 300' (INAS 300), the premier fighter squadron of the Indian Navy, will celebrate its golden jubilee .

Aptly christened 'The White Tigers', the Squadron represents the finest attributes of courage, professionalism and esprit de corps. In 50 years of continuous front-line service, INAS 300 has distinguished itself in peace as well as in war. The art of operating fighter aircraft from the confines of an aircraft carrier has been not only kept alive by this sterling 'fighting unit', but also matched with the best in the world.

Towards commemorating 50 years of fighter operations in the Indian Navy, a two-day seminar on 'Naval Fighter Aviation' began at INS Hansa, Goa, under the auspices of the Flag Officer Naval Aviation (FONA). The chief guest for the seminar is Admiral Nirmal Verma, the Chief of the Naval Staff. Eminent personalities and defence analysts, including two former chiefs of the Naval Staff, Admiral R H Tahiliani and Admiral Arun Prakash, are also attending the seminar, an official release here said.To begin with, the seminar will deliberate on the future of carrier-borne aircraft and aircraft carriers. With technological advances strongly impacting future fighter aircraft, the ongoing and anticipated transformation in this field would also be discussed, so that the Indian Naval Fighter-Aviation of the future keeps with the times.

Carrier-borne fighter aviation has continued to shape the maritime and littoral environment through its reach, mobility, flexibility, rapidity of response, and, its capability to create the required effect at the desired time. Long-range, sea-based strike-fighters, with an intrinsic ability to undertake multiple, simultaneous, and dispersed engagements around the clock, have proven to be key enablers of a nation's objectives. The relative value of naval aviation as a guarantor of national security and an instrument of national will has never been greater than in today's strategic landscape.

From the Pacific campaigns of World War II to the complete battle-space dominance demonstrated during Operations, naval fighter aviation has continued to evolve as a decisive force through the ongoing incorporation of advanced technology. This has been acknowledged by the Indian Navy and, as a continual process, necessary investments are being made to keep pace and sustain this eminent force to ensure India's overall interests. 
Remark:Nice FDC by India post ,thanks GOD all the items were available in GPO.But the delivery postal mark should be in the back side of the FDC as per rule but it was marked in the front side of the registered FDC. This is our India post. I have personally visited the post office and request the post master about this several times but all in vain,even the written complain also kept in dustbin.Our India post is run by bunch of JOKERS.(Sorry for using this word but they deserve.)
In FEB'2011 there will be International Exhibition in New Delhi and I doubt the capability ,They talk much but in reality it  far from the truth.

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