Jun 15, 2010

Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction FDC from CHINA

FDC name:Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction.
Issue Date:5th JUN'2010
On June 5, 2010, China National Philatelic Corporation issued a set of one first-day cover carrying a set of two special stamps, "Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction", with a total face value of 2.40yuan. The names of the stamps are "Low-Carbon Development" and "Green Life".

Technical Details:
Serial number: 2010-13
Values in set: 2
Denomination: 2.40 yuan
Size of stamp: 30 * 40 mm
Perforation: 13.5
Sheet composition: 16
Size of sheet: 150 * 200 mm
Designer of stamp: Chen Shaohua, Chen Guojin
Editor in Charge: Qin Wei
Printing process: photogravure
Printer: Beijing Postage Stamp Printing House
Remark:Nice real posted FDC by registered post from China,This is a very good issue as we all know "Global Warming" but do very little things to prevent this.Unless we start with our own surrounding than only our next generation will have benefit or else we will face the massive destruction.Thanks

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