Jun 9, 2010

20 Years of Declaration of May 4th, 1990

FDC Name:20 Years of Declaration of May 4th, 1990.
Issue Date:4th MAY'2010
Remark:Many many thanks to my friend "Evgenii" sending this lovely cover in her busy official work. Information source:http://www.pasts.lv/
Twenty years ago on May 4, 1990, 138 deputies in the Supreme Council of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Latvia passed a declaration that made the Latvian SSR null and void. At the same time they reinstated the independent Republic of Latvia that had been founded on November 18, 1918.
Since the Latvian SSR was considered by Moscow to be part of the USSR in 1990, this declaration wasn’t immediately recognized by the powers that be in the Kremlin. In fact, it took another 15 months for Latvia’s restored independence to be recognized by the world, and that only happened after the USSR itself collapsed and came apart.
Designer Juris Utāns 
Printed  SIA "Baltijas Banknote",
Stamps printed   500000 

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