Jul 4, 2009

Memorial Jean Moulin FDC from FRANCE

FDC Name:Memorial Jean Moulin
Issue Date:20th JUNE 2009
Details:Jean Moulin (June 20, 1899July 8, 1943) was a high-profile member of the French Resistance during World War II. He is remembered today as an emblem of the Resistance primarily due to his courage and death at the hands of the Germans.
On 21 June 1943, the French hero of the Resistance Jean Moulin (who was known as Max, Rex or Régis), was arrested by the Gestapo (secret police of the Nazi Germany) in the house of Dr. Dugoujon in Caluire, a city located in north-west of Lyon (Rhône). After several days of torture, Jean Moulin (born in 1899) died on July 8th 1943 in the train that transferred him to Berlin.
This house in Caluire, an historical monument since 1990, will become a Memorial dedicated to Jean Moulin that will open its doors in 2011. 66 years (almost to the day) after the arrest of Jean Moulin, the French Post has issued a commemorative stamp announcing the creation of this Memorial.The portrait of Jean Moulin is depicted on the FDC cancellation, also designed by André Lavergne.
Remark:Nice self-made FDC from my friend Eric posted on the issue date.

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