May 1, 2009

Hongkong post's Participation in CHINA'2009 Word Stamp Exhibition FDC from HONGKONG

FDC Name:Stamp Sheetlet to commemorate Hongkong post's Participation in CHINA2009 Word Stamp Exhibition FDC fro HONGKONG.
Issue Date:7th APRIL'2009
Details: CHINA 2009 World Stamp Exhibition was held in Luoyang, Henan, China on 10-16 April 2009.A special stamp is issued on 7 April 2009 to commemorate Hongkong Post’s participation in this event.The stamp sheetlet vividly captures the artistic images of Peony and Bauhinia blakeana, the city flower of Luoyang and Hong Kong respectively. With Peony depicted in the centre of the stamp against the background of Bauhinia blakeana, it is symbolic of Hongkong Post’s enthusiastic support of CHINA 2009.
Remark:Excellent FDC with stamp,The special cancellation is very good.

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