Apr 29, 2009

Estonia National Museum(Eesti Rava Muuseum)FDC from Estonia

FDC Name:Estonia National Museum.
Issue Date:14th APRIL'2009
Details:The Estonian National Museum (Estonian: Eesti rahva muuseum) founded 1909 in Tartu is a museum devoted to folklorist Jakob Hurt's heritage, to Estonian ethnography and folk art. The first items for the museum were originally collected in the latter part of the 19th century.

The museum tracks the history, life and traditions of the Estonian people, presents the culture and history of other Finno-Ugric peoples, and the minorities in Estonia. It has a comprehensive display of traditional Estonian national costumes form all regions. A collection of wood carved beer tankards illustrates the traditional peasant fests and holidays. The exhibition includes an array of other handicrafts from hand-woven carpets to linen tablecloths.

The main building of the museum was destroyed during WWII. In 2005 the Estonian Ministry of Culture and the Union of Estonian Architects announced together with the museum an international competition for the Estonian National Museum’s New building.
The project was won by an international collaboration of architects for the work Memory Field: Lina Ghotmeh(Paris, France), Dan Dorell (Paris, France) and Tsuyoshi Tane (London, UK).
Remark:Nice real posted FDC from my friend from Estonia in Ordinary post.The local cancellation on the Estonia definitive stamps is very clear.

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