Mar 8, 2009

Mainland Scenery Series No. 8: Mount Tianshan, Xinjiang FDC from Hongkong

FDC Name:Mainland Scenery Series No. 8: Mount Tianshan, Xinjiang.
Issue date:24th FEB'2009.
Details:Mount Tianshan is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and bordered by turquoise waters and blue skies. Spanning 2,500 kilometres,Mount Tianshan runs through central Xinjiang,One of the most extensive mountain belts in central Asia.Mount Tianshan includes ranges,from north to south:North Tianshan,Central Tianshan and South Tianshan.Its summit is Tuomur Peak.
Its picturesque scenery is captured in this beautiful stamp sheetlet. The stamp captures the beauty of the Tianchi Lake (meaning heavenly lake), while Glacier No. 1 of Mount Tianshan is the main visual in the stamp sheetlet. The breathtaking scene with the words “Tianshan” (meaning heavenly mountains) in Chinese calligraphy makes this stamp sheetlet another precious collection to treasure in the mainland scenery series.
Remark:Nice FDC with beautiful M/s posted by my friend from Hongkong,Great cover.I like cover with M/s or Stamp sheetlet.Thanks.

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