Mar 14, 2009

Argentine Festivals-II FDC

FDC Name:Argentine Festivals II.
Issue Date:14th FEB'2009.
Details:Argentina Post has issued 4 nos stamps each $ 1 with the FDC .The details are as follows

  • Holiday(Party) of the Chaya. Principal allegories: In the first plane, persons dancing and throwing itself(himself,herself) water and flour represented by two corcheas, typical bass-drum and laurels; behind, it(he,she) plans that it(he,she) imitates to the multitude feasting. Of bottom(fund): housing typical of the zone.The Chaya Festival, which takes place in February throughout the Province of La Rioja, in center-western Argentina. This festival reflects the local cultural expressions, particularly popular music and food. The parade of carnival where people dance and sing by throwing water and flour is one of the flagship events, also with many concerts. This stamp's right part evokes the drums with their bay leaves used during the parade.(2nd stamp on the cover)

  • National holiday(party) of the Vintage. Queen of the holiday(party), compilation of the grapes and wine in glasses. Of bottom(fund): plot that simulates the cultures(culturing) and mountain chain of the Andes.The national grape harvest festival, that takes place each year (on first weekend of March) in the region of Mendoza, in western country. Viticulture is indeed the main activity of the Andean province of Mendoza. This festival, one of the most popular of the country, is organized since 1936 in its present form although the celebrations marking the end of the harvest date from the 18th century. Parades of floats, a blessing ceremony of the fruit, the election of the queen of the festival (as the one depicted on the stamp) are the main events of this festival.(3rd stamp on the cover)

  • National holiday(party) of the Cherry. Compilation of fruits and flask with sweet of cherries. Of bottom(fund): housing and typical landscape of the zone.The Cherry Festival which is held in January each year since 1988 in Los Antiguos, in the province of Santa Cruz, in southern country (Patagonia). The 13 farms of this tiny city, presenting their crops and products made from cherries, are open to tourists from mainly Chile and Argentina. Concerts and the traditional "jineteada" bringing together the key riders and livestock of the region, are also part of this festival.(1st stamp on the cover)

  • National Holiday(Party) of the Mar.Queen of the holiday(party), symbolized by a siren; prow of a ship and fish(pitches) in representation of the fishermen. Of bottom(fund): ravine and front of the Great Provincial Hotel.The Festival of the sea which is held annually in January at Mar del Plata, a seaside town located 400 km southeast of Buenos Aires. Main activities : blessing of the fishermen and seafood, nautical games and entertainment, fireworks, processions in the streets of the port, election of the Queen of the Sea. The background right of this stamp refers to the Provincial Grand Hotel located on the course of the Casino, a symbol of the city.(4th stamp on the cover)

Remark:Nice Official FDC posted by my friend Monica Farkas from Argentina on the issue date.Thanks a lot for the FDC.

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