Jan 6, 2009

Sheik Thambi Pavlar FDC from India

FDC Name:Sheik Thambi Pavlar.
Issue Date:31st DEC'2008
Details:Sheik Thambi Pavalar was born on 31st JUL'1874. He was having good knowledge of tamil grammar and literature.He wrote many books and more important among them are "Thirukkottaru", Pathirthupathu Anthathi.He was an authority on "Kamba Ramayanam". He was also an orator who could hold the audience spellbound.He is popularly known as "Sadavadani". which means one who has a grasp on many different aspects of knowledge at a moment. On 10th March 1907 he performed Sathavathana Programme in the presence of Tamil Scholars and got appreciation. He took part in the Independence struggle of India. He died on 13th FEB'1950.
  • Denomination 500p
  • 0.4 Million stamps Printed
  • Stamps printed in India Security Press,Nasik
  • FDC & Cancellation design by Alka Sharma

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