Jan 14, 2009

Celebrate Christmas FDC from Australia

FDC Name:Celebrate Christmas.
Issue Date:31st OCT'2008.
Details:Christmas in Australia is within three days of the longest day of the year therefore They have long daylight hours with warm temperatures instead of short days with long cold nights compare to other place in the world, Of an evening the sound of children playing outdoors drifts across the suburbs.This 2008 Christmas stamp & FDC issue continues the tradition of Australian Christmas stamps featuring religious subjects. Three of this year’s stamps celebrate the birth of Jesus through images of iconic figures from the Christmas story and the Nativity. Resembling a three-part altarpiece when shown together, the stamps combine photographic and design elements, and draw upon a range of techniques and artistic influences to offer a modern approach to a traditional story. A stand-alone alternative stamp recognises the centuries-old ritual of decorating the home at Christmas, a tradition continued today by the common practice of adorning our Christmas trees with festive tinsel, lights and baubles.
  • Designer: Melinda Coombes
  • Cover & Stamp Designer (Bauble): Adam Crapp
Remark:Many thanks to my friend from Australia who have sent this nice unaddressed FDC to me.Only limited quantity of 15000 FDC printed.Wish all my friends a great HAPPY NEW YEAR-2009.

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