Dec 8, 2012

Latvian Olympic medal winners - Maris Stromberg, Martin and John Pļaviņa Šmēdiņam FDC from LATVIA

FDC Name:Latvian Olympic medal winners - Maris Stromberg, Martin and John Pļaviņa Šmēdiņam
Issue Date:23-11-2012
XXX Olympic Games London 2012 medal winners Latvian Post issued two stamps - one depicts a gold medal in BMX cycling sport Maris Strombergs, the second - the bronze medal in beach volleyball Martins Plavins and John Šmēdiņš. Each postage stamp print run of 20 000 copies, and a par value of U.S. $ 0.35, which corresponds to a simple mail transfer territory of Latvian Republic.
XXX Olympic Games London 2012 medal winners Postage stamps used Ilmars Znotiņa photographer captured images of athletes. Stamps, first day covers and stamp designed by artist Girts mouth.
Maris Strombergs is twofold and only Olympic champion in BMX cycling men. In 2008, the athlete won a gold medal at the Beijing Olympic Games, in 2010, won the World Championship in BMX, but in 2012 again became the Olympic champion. Maris Strombergs awarded Three Stars of the sporting achievements.
Martins Plavins and John Šmēdiņš a Latvian beach volleyball - the London Olympic bronze medal winners. 2012 season is the third full luminescence Martin and John Šmēdiņa joint season. Besides silver medals in the London Olympics v olejbolisti got bronze medals at the European Championships in Berlin, the silver medalist in the World Cup stage in Marseilles, while the World Championships in Rome athletes won fourth place, which is the best achievement in Latvian beach volleyball history.
Latvian Post issued a second stamp in honor of Maris Stromberg - the first was devoted to the athlete's achievements in the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. 2000 Latvian Post a postage stamp depicting the Sydney Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics Igor Vihrovu, while in 1996 it was issued postage stamps block of Olympic Sports Atlanta 1996, postage stamps depicting four Latvian Olympic champions Javelin - Inese Jaunzemi, Elvira Jones Janis Lusis and Daini litter.Source-Latvia Post.
Remark:Thanks Juris Tarvids for sending such lovely FDC.

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