Sep 2, 2012

150th birthday of Augusts Deglavs FDC form LATVIA

FDC Name:150th birthday of Augusts Deglavs
Issue Date:9th AUG'2012
FDC released to mark the 150th birthday of the Latvian writer and press worker Augusts Deglavs. The envelope, designed by artist Ģirts Grīva, displays a portrait of Augusts Deglavs, while the cancellation depicts a pen with a quill. One thousand of the special envelopes will be released, available for purchase for LVL 0.35.

Deglavs was born on August 9, 1862, and is known to Latvians as a writer, press worker, book publisher and participant of the New Current movement of Latvian intellectuals. Deglavs is the author of several stories and novels, and one of the pioneers of the novel genre in Latvian literature. His best-known novels are Riga, Zeltīte, Flame, New World, and Between Two Fires. Deglavs was an active contributor to the newspapers Tiesu Vēstnesis, Tēvija, Baltijas Vēstnesis, Dienas Lapa and Mājas Viesis, and worked as the editor of Jaunā Dienas Lapa from 1915 to 1917. Augusts Deglavs died on April 3, 1922. He was buried in the Forest Cemetery in Riga.Source-Lativa Post.
Remark:Thanks Juris for sending the FDC on the issue date.

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