Jun 6, 2012

Europa 2012 - Visit the Faroe Islands

Stamp Name:Europa 2012 - Visit the Faroe Islands
It may seem peculiar for the untrained eye, that the Faroes, situated in the midst of the unforgiving North Atlantic Ocean, in fact is a very attractive tourist destination. No tropical beaches, no mass produced hotels for charter tourists and no water parks or other tourist-traps, which are so common at traditional tourist destinations.

However there are many valid reasons to visit the Faroes. Unspoiled environment and culture, well-established infrastructure and good accommodations are attractive for tourists who seek something different than just days in the sun. The rough beauty of the country is legendary and stimulates the senses. Hikes in the mountains, boat-cruises to inaccessible promontories and caves - or just to sit down on a boulder and let the mysterious nature flow into body and soul.

The EUROPE stamps by Faroe Islands this year give a tiny glimpse of what you could expect from an active holiday on the Faroes. Hikes and trips in the grandiose nature - by land or by sea. To take a peek into the abyss from a sharp mountain-edge on one of the northern islands - or a high speed and extreme cruise below the enormous bird-cliffs of Suduroy - just a couple of the exiting activities that wait for you.

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