May 15, 2012

175th anniversary of Atis Kronvalds FDC from LATVIA

FDC Name:175th anniversary of Atis Kronvalds.
Issue Date:14th APR'2012
Atis Kronvalds was born on April 15, 1837, and is known to Latvians as a passionate member of the Young Latvians movement, author of textbooks and articles on linguistics and education.
Kronvalds continued the work initiated by the Young Latvians on purifying and enriching the language, opposed German loan words and created new words, which are still used in Latvian today.
In 1863,Kronvalds wrote the German textbook The First Step of the Little German, in the introduction noting the great role of the German language in education, and underlining that the book is intended for Latvians. Kronvalds believed that language and Latvian schools should be the foundation of the national culture, and considered their development as the main task.
In 1873, Kronvalds participated in the First Latvian Song and Dance Festival by delivering two brilliant speeches defending the national culture, folk songs and language.Atis Kronvalds is considered to be one of the founders of the oldest Latvian student corporation Lettonia.
Atis Kronvalds died in Vecpiebalga on February 17, 1875, and was buried in the Vecpiebalga cemetery, where a monument was erected in 1893.
Remark:Thanks Juris for sending this commemorative envelopes on the issue date.

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