Apr 11, 2012

Bird of the Year- Black Swift stamp from BELARUS

Stamp Name:Bird of the Year- Black Swift
Issue Date:22nd MARCH'2012
The Byelorussian Post has issued a stamp from the "Bird of the Year" series. In 2012 the stamp is dedicated to the Black swift. In flight, this bird looks like a flying cigar with long slender curved wings. Its plumage is mostly a sooty dark gray. There is some contrast between the upper and lower wing. The shoulders are much darker in color than the remaining portion of the wing. The bird also has a short slightly forked tail.
Designer: Alexander Mityanin. Printing: offset. Colour: full colour. Paper: chalk-surfaced, gummed. Perforation: comb 133/4: 131/2. Size of the stamp: 26×37 mm. Sheet composition: 7 stamps + 1 coupon. Size of the sheet: 128×108 mm. Print quantity: 70.000 stamps.
Letter “P” is equal to the air-mail tariff of a letter up to 20 gram abroad.

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