Feb 25, 2012

Recolonization of native wildlife stamp from GERMANY

Stamp Name:Recolonization of native wildlife stamp from Germany
The German Post has issued a set of two stamps dedicated to recolonization of native wild animals. The stamps feature a lynx and an elk.

Lynx is the only big cat in Germany left after the extermination by man. The male lynx uses large hunting areas, which can be up to 50,000 hectares. His hunting behavior usually targets at roe deer. Lynx are solitary animals who only visit the opposite sex during the mating season in late winter. The mating call sounds rough and hoarse. Characteristic of the European lynx are the tufts of hair on the tips of the ears and a customized black spotted coats. Males are up to 25 kg. The female is only 18 kg. Lynx tracks are similar to those of cats.

Elk is the largest living deer. Bulls may be up to 800 pounds, their antlers weighing up to 20 kg. Its distribution area is located in the northern coniferous forests of North America and Eurasia. There are two small populations for some time in south-east of Bohemia, Ceske Budejovice and the Moldaustausee. Elks are adaptable, they prefer clear water with forests and bogs. They have virtually no enemies in Europe except the wolves. They are vegetarian eating exclusively buds and bark of younger trees. Elks are solitary and diurnal. Only in the mating season up to 15 cows gather together waiting for the bull elk. A pregnant cow elk usually gets only a single calf.(Source-Stamp News)

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