Feb 8, 2012

Famous People(Mikalojus Radvila Rudasis, the artist Domicele Tarabildiene, and the composer Stasys Simkus) Postage Stamps of Lithuania

Stamp Name:Famous People
Issue Date:4th FEB'2012
The stamps feature the state figure Mikalojus Radvila Rudasis, the artist Domicele Tarabildiene, and the composer Stasys Simkus.

Each postage stamp from the continuous 'Famous People' set has been issued in edition of 100 000 copies. The nominal value of the postage stamp depicting Mikalojus Radvila Rudasis is LTL 1.55 (equivalent in euros - 0.45). The one depicting Domicele Tarabildiene has the nominal value of LTL 2 (EUR 0.58), and LTL 2.90 (EUR 0.84) is given to the postage stamp featuring Stasys Simkus. The new postage stamps were issued along with the first day cover.

Mikalojus Radvila Rudasis - a nobleman of the Great Duchy of Lithuania, one of the most outstanding commanders in the Livonian War (1558-1583).

Domicele Tarabildiene - Lithuanian painter, graphic artist, book illustrator, sculptor, photographer. Together with her husband Petras Tarabilda she won the first places in the postage stamp contest arranged in 1933 to commemorate the transatlantic flight of Steponas Darius and Stasys Girenas. In the World Exhibition held in 1937 in Paris the both artists were awarded the golden medal for book illustrations.

Stasys Simkus is one of the most famous Lithuanian composers and conductors. Stasys Simkus managed to select valuable folk melodies and adapt them to chorus; therefore, the composer is justly considered to be the classic of Lithuanian music.

In the course of a year, Lithuania Post issues 25-30 postage stamps. The company also provides courier, logistic, and financial intermediation services.(Source-Stamps News)

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