Nov 9, 2011

Centennial of Scouts of China (Taiwan) FDC from Taiwan on 1-11-11

FDC Name:Centennial of Scouts of China (Taiwan)
Issue Date:1-11-11
Organized scouting in the Republic of China began in 1912 under the leadership of Rev. Yen Chia-Lin of the Boone Memorial School in Wuchang, Hubei. The movement later spread nationwide. On November 1, 1934, the General Association of the Boy Scouts of China (In 1997, changed to the General Association of the Scouts of China, GASC) was formally established, and it was admitted to the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1937. In 1990 the Association registered in the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of China on Taiwan as a civic organization.

To celebrate the scouting movement in the ROC on its centennial, as well as to recognize the movement’s contributions to the society, Chunghwa Post has issued a set of two stamps on November 1, 2011. Both stamps feature the emblem of the association in their upper left corners. The designs of the stamps follow:

1. The NT$5-denominated stamp: The stamp features silhouettes of boy scouts saluting, doing social work or helping others. These images of scouts showing concern for society demonstrate the scout pledge “to practice a good turn everyday” and “help others and serve the public at all times.” The city skyline in the background demonstrates the advanced development of Taiwan.

2. The NT$12-denominated stamp: To demonstrate how scouts learn and build character through fun activities, the stamp features the image of a boy scout, a tent and a watchtower in an outdoor setting that is typical of camping. With forests and the main peak of Mt. Jade depicted in silhouette in the background, the stamp conveys the magnificence of Taiwan’s mountains and forests.

The stamps are designed by Yang Sheng-hsiung, associate professor of advertising at Chinese Culture University, and printed by China Color Printing Co., Ltd. 
Remark:Nice Scout FDC & Stamps from Taiwan.The Scout first day cancellation is nice.Thanks Chen for sending this FDC on the issue date by registered post.This is great FDC for Scout collectors.

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