Oct 12, 2011

Personal Greeting Stamps –Travel in Taiwan FDC from TAIWAN

FDC Name:Personal Greeting Stamps –Travel in Taiwan
Issue Date:27th SP'2011

So as to provide its customers with more design options, Chunghwa Post is following up with a new set of personal greeting stamps, centering on travel in Taiwan with ten designs. Each of the designs is printed in two denominations: NT$3.5 and NT$5 with different colors for the inscriptions and the denominations.
Using the concept of collages of various types for the design, the stamps possess a distinct texture and charm and take us on a round-the-island tour to discover the beauty of Taiwan’s famous scenic spots. The designs follow:

1. The National Palace Museum: A treasure trove of important Chinese historical and cultural artifacts, the museum is a must-see attraction in Taiwan.

2. The Taipei 101: The Taipei 101 fireworks display is the highlight of the New Year’s countdown celebration in Taipei. Watching beautiful fireworks explode in the sky provides a wonderful memory.

3. Sun Moon Lake: The beauty of Sun Moon Lake lies in its tranquility. The stamp depicts a land of enchantment, where a thin veil of fog blurs the human silhouettes on small rowing boats. The scene brings to mind the carefree joys of drinking alone under the moon as described in Li Bai’s poetry.

4. Yushan (The Jade Mountain): Yushan, an eternal landmark of Taiwan, symbolizes the unswerving determination of the people of Taiwan. Many people, longing for the panoramic views and sense of accomplishment gained from reaching the summit, set climbing Yushan as one of their lifetime goals.

5. Alishan: Its sea of clouds, forests, cherry blossoms, narrow-gauge trains, and magnificent sunrises make Alishan a favorite attraction among travelers.

6. Love River in Kaohsiung: After environmental restoration, Love River has become a new spotlighted feature of the city. The dragon boat races held during the Dragon Boat Festival captures perfectly the passion and energy of southern Taiwan.

7. Kenting: Kenting is a hot tourist destination in the summer. Lazily sunbathing under the blue sky or sitting under an umbrella is a perfect way to enjoy a hot summer day on the beach.

8. The Liushidan Mountain: The yellow sea of daylilies here creates a mystical Shangri-La in Hualian. The stamp depicts a plainly dressed farming woman happily and diligently picking daylily flowers.

9. The Taroko National Park: The Park offers a treasure chest of geological resources. Two visitors joyously gesturing on a winding trail while marveling at the craftsmanship of Mother Nature.

10. Jiufen: To enjoy a drizzling day in this mountain town is to sip tea in a tea house while gazing upon tourists strolling down the quaint street outside.

The stamps feature the artwork of Lin Hsiao-han, who won a personal stamps design competition. Arteck Creative Consultants, Inc. handled the graphic design for the stamps, which are printed in color offset by Cardon Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Remark:Beautiful Stamps & beautiful FDC.Thanks Chen for sending the FDC by registered post on the issue date.

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