Sep 11, 2011

20th anniversary of the restoration of independence FDC & stamp from ESTONIA

FDC Name:20th anniversary of the restoration of independence
Issue Date:20th AUG'2011
On August 20 the Supreme Council of the Republic of Estonia passed the decision on the independence of Estonia. The decision restored the independence of the Republic of Estonia declared in 1918, which had been defended in the War of Independence in 1918-1920 and had been lost when the Soviet Union first occupied and then unlawfully incorporated Estonia. In the period of four years prior to the restoration of independence the Estonians' aspiration for liberty had been seeking for an outlet more and more vigorously; its immediate incentive, however, was a coup attempt on the previous day in the Soviet Union. 
The first foreign country to recognize the independence of Estonia was Iceland on August 22, followed by recognition by Lithuania, Latvia, Russia (on August 24) and other countries.(Source-Estonia Post)
Technical details
Price: 0.35
Date: 20.08.2011
Print: offset
Designer: Indrek Ilves
Perforation: 13¾ : 14
Sheets: 5 x 5
Quantity issued: 50 000
Printing house: AS Vaba Maa
Remark:The FDC with the stamp showing the building & One additional definitive stamp to cover the international postage.Thanks Pirjo Falten for sending such a nice FDC on the issue date.

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