Aug 31, 2011

Riga Stock Exchange - Sagittarius, 2011 FDC from LATVIA

FDC Name:Riga Stock Exchange - Sagittarius, 2011
Issue Date:22nd AUG'2011
Latvijas Pastshas issued a series of personalized stamps and special envelopes to celebrate the restoration of the historical building of Riga Stock Exchange, which from now on will be managed by the Latvian National Museum of Art. The presentation of the stamps and envelopes, as well as the first day cancellation event, was held on Monday, August 22, during the opening of the new museum Riga Bourse,in the Stock Exchange building, 6 Doma Square.

Three stamps selected by the experts of the art museum Riga Bourse have been included in the personalized stamp series released by LatvijasPasts, each with a different denomination.

The stamp with a face value of LVL 0.60 features the painting The Rifleman (1898) by the Finnish artist Väino Alfred Blomstedt (1871-1947); it is stylistically similar to the works of Latvian old masters Vilhelms Purvītis and Janis Rozentāls and forms a symbolical link with the art of Latvia and the world. Stamps with this face value can be used to mail a regular letter to any country in the world.

The stamp with a face value of LVL 0.55 displays the historical view of the Riga Stock Exchange building, as envisioned by Harald von Bosse (1812-1894), the Saint Petersburg architect with German origins. The historical image rendered in the stamp was published in the 1861 issue of the Rigascher Almanach. Stamps with this face value can be used to mail a regular letter to a European Union member state.

The face value of the third stamp is LVL 0.35, and it depicts the floor tiles of the Stock Exchange building, which are a copy of the tiles laid in the beginning of the 20th century. The flooring is among the most interesting aspects of the building's interior. Stamps of this denomination can be used to mail a regular letter within the territory of the Republic of Latvia.

LatvijasPasts has also released three different envelopes dedicated to the opening of the restored Riga Stock Exchange building. They depict the logo of the art museum Riga Stock Exchange and the most important figure in the façade of the building - Mercury, created in 1885 by the sculptor David Jensen (1816-1902).

 The print run of the new series consists of 30,000 stamps, while the number of envelopes released will be 1200.

The Riga Stock Exchange building was built from 1852 to 1855 and today is an architectural monument of national significance. The building's architecture is characterized by the Palazzo style of the Italian Renaissance, symbolizing wealth and prosperity. The new art museum Riga Stock Exchange, which will be open to the public in the historical building from August 22, will be a new type of museum in Latvia with modern exhibition halls on six floors, different exhibitions, a library of art publications, premises for seminars and conferences, cafes, an art gift shop, etc.
Remark:Thanks Juris Tarvids for sending this FDC by registered post on the issue date using all the 3 stamps on one cover but Latvia Post has issued separate 3 cover for all the stamps.

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