Jul 30, 2011

Fight against HIV / AIDS - Cover/Stamp from ALGERIE

Cover Name:Fight against HIV / AIDS.
Issue Date:30th JUN 2011.
Arrived in Algeria since the Middle Ages and has blossomed from the seventeenth century, brassware developed in all major cities. Each city was distinguished with its style and its manufacturing techniques and decoration. Copper engraved or embossed items products may have decorative or utilitarian functions such as couscous dish or pot butter. From the onset, thirty years ago, more than 33 million people are now infected with HIV and millions of people died worldwide. Although considerable progress has been made in treatment in this area, enabling people to live longer, there is currently no cure against AIDS. Thus, information on HIV transmission remains the method of protection is most effective.
A global campaign to raise public awareness to the modes of infection of HIV was launched in 2009 by four international organizations: the United Nations Programme on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS), the Universal Postal Union (UPU), International Organization Labour Organization (ILO) and UNI Global Union, the aim being to stop the spread of HIV and begin to reverse the trend on the horizon of 2015. These bodies have joined forces to educate the general public through the 600,000 post offices across the world through the display, distribution of postcards and fact sheets on HIV prevention, because as operator of largest physical distribution network, positions have the opportunity to reach millions of people daily. Meanwhile national campaigns will support the global campaign to raise awareness of how to prevent by adopting a strong communication strategy and all member countries of the UPU are invited to participate. If in Africa the HIV infection is the leading cause of death, in Algeria the situation is less critical but the numbers are increasing. Those identified in 2009 indicate that more than 52,000 people contracted the AIDS virus with an average of 4,000 HIV-positive require appropriate management. Algeria has so far, much effort in the fight against this disease has acceded to all international commitments to combat anti-AIDS.(Source-Algerie Post)
Designer: K. Krim
Face value: 15.00 DA
Format: 26 * 36
Perforation: 14
Printer: Imprimeie Bank of Algeria.
Printing: offset 
Remark: Thanks Ouari for sending me the nice cover from Algerie on AIDS.

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