May 27, 2011

Taiwan Butterflies Minitature sheet FDC from TAIWAN

FDC Name:Taiwan Butterflies
Issue date:8th APR'2011
Because of its varied geography and its location straddling the tropics and subtropics, Taiwan has a great number of butterflies with rich species diversity. Euploea butterflies are among the few butterflies that can overwinter as adults in Taiwan’s mountain valleys. Before the arrival of winter, Euploea butterflies fly south to warmer “purple butterfly valleys.” When spring arrives, they fly back north. The sight of these migrating butterflies passing the Linnei section of National Freeway No.3 is simply breathtaking.

To call public attention to the importance of ecological conservation, Chunghwa Post previously issued a souvenir sheet with four stamps on Taiwan butterflies on June 25, 2009, and it is now following up with another souvenir sheet (Issue of 2011) with four stamps, featuring Euploea butterflies. The souvenir sheet, following the format of its forerunner of 2009, is printed in the shape of a butterfly, with a butterfly-shaped cutout on each stamp. The stamps will be issued on April 8, 2011. The designs follow:

1. Euploea eunice hobsoni (Butler) (NT$5): This butterfly has dark brown forewings with an iridescent blue shimmer. There are some pale blue gray markings on the submarginal areas of each of its wings and at the center of its forewings. The undersides of its wings are paler in color.

2. Euploea sylvester swinhoei Wallace & Moore (NT$5): The upper surfaces of the forewings of this dark brown butterfly have an iridescent blue shimmer near the apex and light blue spots along the outer edges of its cells. The undersides of its wings are paler in color, with white spots in corresponding positions to the light blue spots on the upper surfaces. There are three pale blue gray spots at the center of the underside of its forewings.

3. Euploea tulliolus koxinga Fruhstorfer (NT$12): This dark brown butterfly has iridescent blue forewings. There are rows of white markings in the submarginal areas of the upper surfaces of each of its wings. The undersides of its wings are paler in color, with white markings at the center of its forewings and also in positions that correspond to the white spots on its upper surfaces.

4. Euploea mulciber barsine Fruhstorfer (NT$12): The male has a large violescent patch near the apex of its forewings and male has dark brown wings with some scattered tiny white spots outside of the center cell on the undersides of its wings. The female has slightly lighter brown wings, with white scattered spots near the apex and white streaks on the inner edges of the forewings and the cells of the hind wings.
(Source-Chunghwa Post)
Remark:This is the 2nd miniature sheet from Chunghwa post on butterflies.This is as excellent as the 1st one.I like the design and cancellation.The FDC size is bigger to accommodate the M/s size.Thanks Chen for sending this FDC on the issue date by registered post.

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