Feb 18, 2011

2011-1st KHADI Minitature Sheet from INDIA

A postage stamp printed on khadi -- Gandhi's preferred fabric and symbol of swadeshi during the freedom movement is highlights of the world philatelic exhibition that started here Saturday on 12th FEB'2011.
'For the first time, a special khadi stamp is being released on Mahatma Gandhi and I am honored to do so,' President Pratibha Patil said at Pragati Maidan exhibition grounds here, inaugurating the week-long IINDIPEX 2011.
Some 595 collectors from 71 countries are taking part in the exhibition, apart from 28 philatelic dealers from across the world and 31 postal administrations, said event host India Post. India earlier hosted five such exhibitions between 1954 and 1997.
The khadi stamp is actually printed on the home-spun cotton fabric that has the image of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi, revered the world over as an apostle of peace and self reliance.
The stamp is a limited edition offering in a special collector's pack. It costs Rs.250 and can be booked online at the Indipex web site. A maximum of 10 stamps can be ordered by an individual.
The first consignment here sold out within minutes.
'Many countries have experimented with alternate materials like silk for the printing of postage stamps. India Post however has only printed stamps on paper including three sets of scented stamps,' India Post said.
'But for the first time, a special stamp printed on khadi has been released.(Source-msn news)

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