Nov 29, 2010

Ancient Chinese Art Treasures FDC from TAIWAN

FDC Name:Ancient Chinese Art Treasures
Issue Date:18th NOV(11)2010.
To introduce the beauty of ancient Chinese artifacts, Chunghwa Post has issued another set of four stamps and a souvenir sheet on artifacts from the National Palace Museum collection. Designed by Arteck Creative Consultants, Inc., and printed by China Color Printing Co., Ltd. the stamps will be released on November 18, 2010. The designs follow:

1. Gilt-copper Censer with Turquoise Inlays, Qing dynasty (NT$5): The surface of this round ding vessel is decorated with cloud and key fret patterns, while its underside and its round feet are adorned with banana leaf patterns, with turquoise inlays between the leaves. There is a seven-character line in relief under the rim which reads, “Made during the reign of the Qing Emperor Qianlong.”

2. Five Altar Offerings in Gilt Copper-Censer, Qing dynasty (NT$5): This ding vessel, which is shaped like a six-petal flower, is covered with key fret patterns and lotus flower designs. The lid and its knob (which has a dragon design) feature openwork to let incense smoke out.

3. Five Altar Offerings in Gilt Copper with Glass and Enamel Inlays-Censer, Qing dynasty (NT$10): The lid of this octagon-shaped ding vessel features openwork. There is a lion on the top of the lid whose front foot is playing with a ball. Its lid, body, handles and four hoof-shaped feet are decorated with white material, while the lotus-petal patterns on its body and the lotus on its handles are filled with blue enamel.

4. Five Altar Offerings in Gilt Copper with White Jade, Turquoise, and Glass Inlays-Censer, Qing dynasty (NT$25): The lid and body of this square ding vessel are decorated with pieces of white jade inlay with twine-patterned openwork carving. The shoulder of the vessel is inlaid with lotus petals carved out of turquoise and pieces of blue glass. The vessel’s handles and four feet are inlaid with turquoise. 5. Souvenir sheet: (NT$45): It contains the above-mentioned four stamps. The marginal inscription of the sheet features a Qing Dynasty porcelain Buddha in famille rose and Gold Enamel from the National Palace Museum collection, against a background of partial texts of the Diamond Sutra. 
Remark:The FDC is suburb,The quality of stamps paper , color combination and design is undoubtedly excellent .Taiwan postage stamps are now one of my favorite country because of these factors.I will advise all my philately friends to collect these beautiful FDC.If you see the M/s FDC which is larger than the stamps FDC as the M/s is bigger in size so they make the FDC also large.But both the FDC are different in design.The first day cancellations were also great.Thanks Chen.

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