Nov 23, 2010

2010 Taipei International Flora Expo Minitature Sheet FDC from TAIWAN

FDC Name:2010 Taipei International Flora Expo
Issue Date:6th NOV'2010
The 2010 Taipei International Flora Expo from November 6, 2010 to April 25, 2011, is the first international horticultural exposition ever held in Taiwan to be recognized by the International Association of Horticultural Producers. The expo will demonstrate Taiwan’s culture and arts, its strength in horticulture, its concern for the environment, and its cutting-edge technological achievements. Apart from promoting the domestic flower and tourism industries, the expo will also serve to strengthen international exchange and raise the ROC’s international image. Chunghwa Post is releasing two souvenir sheets on November 6, 2010 to mark this grand occasion. These sheets are designed by Delta Design Corporation and printed by Cardon Enterprise Co., Ltd. in color offset.

The expo’s logo is an orchid blossom made up of five human figures that seem to be dancing in Peking opera. The five converge in a tumbling rhythm. Each of the five figures represents a separate continent and has a different color—red, orange, blue, green or purple. Inspired by the seasons of nature, the mascots of the expo are fairies representing five flowers: the lily, the sun flower, the moth orchid, the hydrangea, and the tulip. During the expo period, the Expo Dome in the Yuanshan Park Area will serve as the venue for an “Olympics of flowers.” In addition to the nine thematic shows on exhibit there, an international indoor floral design competition and the Taiwan International Orchid Show 2011 (which is one of the three biggest orchid shows in the world) will also be held there. 
  • One of the souvenir sheets comprises nine NT$5 stamps, each depicting a species of orchid, for a total value of NT$45.
  • The other souvenir sheet comprises ten NT$5 stamps, for a total value of NT$50. Each of the mascots is represented by two stamps. The logo of the expo can be found in each stamp and in both marginal inscriptions.
Technical Details:  
Printer- Cardon Enterprise Co., Ltd.  
Paper- Phosphorescent stamp paper

Print color- Colorful
Process- Offset

Perforation- 131/2 × 13或13 × 131/2  

Remark: Many many Thanks to Chen for sending such wonderful orchid miniature sheet FDC on the issue date by registered post.The color combination and the design is superb.The orchid cancellation is great for any orchid collector.Chunghwa post is always coming up with beautiful FDC.
One thing our India Post should learn that from Taiwan.When ever Chunghwa post is planing for bigger mini-sheet they also plan the FDC in size so that one can use the mini-sheet on FDC and not like India.The FDC and mini-sheet are so different in size it do not fit.


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