Oct 1, 2010

Tallinn - European Capital of Culture 2011 FDC from ESTONIA

FDC Name:Tallinn - European Capital of Culture 2011
Issue Date:(09-09-10)9th SEP'2010
The programme of European Capitals of Culture (until 1998 European Cities of Culture) was conceived in 1983 by then Greek Minister of Culture Melina Mercouri, because she felt that cities paid less attention to culture than to politics and economics, and Athens became the first European City of Culture in 1985. Since then the following cities have been European Cities/Capitals of Culture: Florence 1986, Amsterdam 1987, West Berlin 1988, Paris 1989, Glasgow 1990, Dublin 1991, Madrid 1992, Antwerp 1993, Lisbon 1994, Luxembourg 1995, Copenhagen 1996, Thessaloniki 1997, Stockholm 1998, Weimar 1999, Avignon, Bergen, Bologna, Brussels, Helsinki, Krakow, Prague, Reykjavik and Santiago de Compostela 2000, Rotterdam and Porto 2001, Bruge and Salamanca 2002, Graz 2003, Genoa and Lille 2004, Cork 2005, Patras 2006, Luxembourg, Sibiu, Greater Region 2007, Liverpool and Stavanger 2008, Linz and Vilnius 2009, Essen, Pecs and Istanbul 2011. The European Capitals of Culture 2011 are Tallinn, Estonia, and Turku, Finland. In the competition organized by the Tallinn 2011 Foundation for the best design for a stamp to mark Tallinn’s year as a European Capital of Culture 2011 the main prize, Lost in Tallinn, went to Heino Prunsvelt and his design appears on the stamp issued on 9 September 2010. 
Technical Details:
Denomination: 5.50
Date: 09.09.2010
Print: ofset
Designer: Heino Prunsvelt
Perforation: 11¼ : 11¼
Sheets: 2 x 5
Quantity issued: 2 000 000
Printing house: AS Vaba Maa
Remark:This FDC is good one with Heart printed in red so making it very much eye catching.The stamp in yellow is perfectly matching the FDC design.Thanks Pirjo for this nice FDC posted on the issue date.
Once again our local post office of India post mark the delivery seal on the front side.Very Very much sorry affair...

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