Oct 15, 2010

Seashells of Taiwan(IV) FDC from TAIWAN

FDC Name:Seashells of Taiwan
Issue Date:4th OCT'2010
Having previously issued three sets of stamps in the “Seashells of Taiwan” series (in October 2007, July 2008, and February 2009), Chunghwa Post is now issued with another set of four stamps, featuring Thatcheria mirabilis, Tibia martinii, Stellaria solaris and Rapa rapa.
The stamps are planned by Mr. Ching-yang Lai,
designed by Mr. Jheng Yi-lang and 
printed in color offset by China Color Printing Co., Ltd.
The designs follow:

1. Thatcheria mirabilis (NT$5): Most of these spindle-shaped shells are pale tawny in color. With eight whorls, these unique and beautiful shells resemble spiral stairs. Their thin shells are covered with fine spiral and axial threads and their many layers of spires are slightly pointy. They live in the muddy sand bottom between 120 to 400 meters deep in the waters off Yilan as well as the southwest and northeast coasts of Taiwan.

2. Tibia martinii (NT$5): Shaped like spindles, these tawny-colored shells are light and thin with tall pointy spires. There are about 10 to 11 slightly rounded whorls. These shells have smooth and glossy surfaces, with leaf-like apertures and pointy slender siphonal canals. They live in the muddy bottom of the ocean over 100 meters deep. These rare shells are found from the southwest coast of Taiwan down to the Philippines and Borneo.

3. Stellaria solaris (NT$12): Cone-shaped, these light brown or tawny shells have six to seven slightly rounded whorls and very low spires. Their surfaces are covered with fine wave-like threads. Around each whorl is a row of finger-like protrusions spaced at regular intervals, which make them look like geared wheels. These protrusions also serve to fend off enemies and to prevent the shells from being upturned. On the continental slope off the southwest coast of Taiwan, within a depth of 200 meters, they can often be found in the muddy sand bottom. 
4. Rapa rapa (NT$12): Shaped like pears or balls, and creamy white or pale yellow in color, these shells are thicker and have very low spires, large whorls, and obvious sutures. Their surfaces are covered with large obvious spiral sculptures and fine obscure axial threads. They have very large apertures, large umbilical openings and thick siphonal canals that extend downwards. Rapa rapa like to live in and feed on coral in shallow water in the sublittoral zone in the tropics. Widely distributed in the western Pacific Ocean, they can often be found in Taiwan’s east coast and the shallow coral reefs off Hengchun Peninsula.
Remark:Once again another beautiful series of stamps and FDC from Republic of China(TAIWAN).Thanks Chen for such lovely FDC posted on the issue date by Registered post.

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