Jul 17, 2010

Chinese Classic Novel “Journey to the West FDC from TAIWAN

FDC Name:Chinese Classic Novel “Journey to the West
Issue Date: 7th JULY 2010
In order to present the beauty of Chinese classic literature, Chunghwa Post released Chinese classic novel “Journey to the West” stamp sets on September 24, 1997 and September 15, 2005. Now it is following up with a new set on the novel consisting of four stamps: “Complete Enlightenment,” “Sun Wukong Wreaks Havoc in Heaven,” “Dreaming of Beheading the Jing River Dragon King,” and “Stealing the Ginseng Fruits.” Planned by Professor Yun-mei Kang, Department of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University, and painted by Mr. Rolland Chang, the set will be printed by China Color Printing Co., Ltd., and released on July 7, 2010. The designs follow:
1.  Complete Enlightenment (NT$5): Sun Wukong was elected as the monkey king of Mt. Huaguo in the Water Curtain Cave. Desiring immortality, he made off to the Three Star Cave to study under the Buddhist Patriarch Subodhi, who gave him the name Sun Wukong, and from whom he learned secrets of magic. Later, because Sun would recklessly show off his magic, Subodhi renounced him as a student. Furthermore, Subodhi gave him a pointer: “Whence one comes, one returns.”
2. Sun Wukong Wreaks Havoc in Heaven (NT$5): The Jade Emperor conveyed on Sun Wukong the title “Great Sage Equal of Heaven,” and sent him off to administer the Queen Mother of the West’s peaches of immortality. Sun stole and ate some peaches, pills of immortality and wine prepared for Heaven’s Peach Festival. The Jade Emperor dispatched his forces to capture him and the monkey was imprisoned in Mt. Wuhang by Tathagata.
3. Dreaming of Beheading the Jing River Dragon King (NT$12): The Jing River Dragon King disobeyed the Jade Emperor’s directive to create rain. Consequently, the emperor sent Wei Zheng to behead the Dragon King, and the Dragon King appeared in Tang Taizong’s dream to ask for help. To divert Wei Zheng’s attention, Tang Taizong invited Wei Zheng to his palace to discuss affairs of state and then play chess. During the game Wei Zheng dozed off, at which time his spirit left his body to behead the dragon. 
4. Stealing the Ginseng Fruits (NT$25): The Ginseng fruit is a great treasure of Longevity Mountain. After Sun Wukong and Pigsy were scolded for secretly eating ginseng fruits, Sun Wukong destroyed the ginseng fruit orchard in a fit of pique. Eventually the dew drops of the Goddess of Mercy saved the ginseng fruit trees
Remark:Beautiful FDC posted by Chen from Taiwan,Both the cancellation were excellent.

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