Jun 28, 2010

World Tamil Conference 2010 FDC from INDIA

FDC Name:World Tamil Conference-KOVAI- 2010.
Issue Date:27th JUN'2010
The World Tamil Conference (Tamil: உலகத் தமிழ் மாநாடு) is a series of occasional diplomatic conferences in discussion of the social growth of the Tamil language and and its people around the world. Each conference is attended by thousands of Tamil diplomats around the world. Conferences are hosted in various cities in India, as well as world cities with a significant Tamil population.
The conference aims in promoting the rich heritage of Tamil language. Not all agree, however, with the academic and intellectual rigor of the event.MORE DETAILS
The list of world Tamil Conferences held so far are listed below:
# Conference Host City Host Country Year Arranged by
1 World Tamil Conference 1966 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 1966
2 World Tamil Conference 1968 Chennai India 1968 C. N. Annadurai
3 World Tamil Conference 1970 Paris France 1970
4 World Tamil Conference 1974 Jaffna Sri Lanka 1974
5 World Tamil Conference 1981 Madurai India 1981 M. G. Ramachandran
6 World Tamil Conference 1987 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 1987
7 World Tamil Conference 1989 Port Louis Mauritius 1989
8 World Tamil Conference 1995 Thanjavur India 1995 J. Jayalalitha
9 World Classical Tamil Conference 2010 Coimbatore India 2010 M. Karunanidhi

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