Apr 11, 2010

Mainland Scenery "Fujian Tulou" FDC from HONK KONG

FDC name:Mainland Scenery "Fujian Tulou"
Issue Date:18th MARCH 2010
Details:Hongkong Post's Stamp Sheetlets on Mainland Scenery delight the eyes with magnificent landscapes and majestic architecture. The ninth series presents Fujian Tulou, the world's unique mega rammed earth housing structures for mountain dwellers.
A sparkling gem in Chinese culture, Fujian Tulou is known for its long history, massive scale and intricate structure. It is also known as "Hakka Tulou" as most tulou (literally meaning earthen houses) were built by the Hakka people of Fujian Province. Raw earth, the primary construction material, is mixed with sand, lime, wood strips and the like. The mixture is then rubbed, pounded and compressed. Constructed with these reinforced materials, tulou are well ventilated, naturally lit, wind sheltered and quakeproof. The baked tile roofs are exceptionally durable.
If classified by architectural styles, Fujian Tulou mainly consist of round house, square house and "Five-Phoenix" house, with rotunda being the dominant form. The ingeniously built structures sit comfortably on narrow plains in the mountains. Their sophisticated design effectively meets the needs of clan communities, providing defence and security.
Officially inscribed on the World Heritage List on 6 July 2008, Fujian Tulou comprises 46 buildings scattered in ten sites in three counties. They are the Chuxi Cluster, Hongkeng Cluster, Gaobei Cluster, Yanxiang Lou and Zhenfu Lou in Yongding County; Tianluokeng Cluster, Hekeng Cluster, Huaiyuan Lou and Hegui Lou in Nanjing County; and Dadi Cluster in Hua'an County.
The sheetlet depicts the five tulou of the Tianluokeng Cluster. The square Buyun Lou in the middle is surrounded by three rotundas, namely Hechang Lou, Ruiyun Lou and Zhenchang Lou, and the oval Wenchang Lou. The stamp features Chengqi Lou of the Gaobei Cluster, renowned as the "King of Tulou". With its imposing grandeur combined with age-old simplicity, Chengqi Lou blends in perfectly with nature, exemplifying the poetic charm of mountain living.
Remark:Nice M/s FDC from Hong Kong ,Posted on the issue date.Hong Kong M/s are excellent in design.

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