Apr 25, 2010

2010 Stamp Day FDC from FRANCE

FDC Name:2010 Stamp Day in France.
Issue date:27th FEB'2010
this year had water as theme and in particular its preservation.Organized on 27 and 28 February 2010, this Stamp Day took place in 112 cities spread over almost all French departments. The French Post has chosen to raise the environmental protection and sustainable development for this new cycle started with water (the three next Stamp Days will have earth, air and fire as topics).
Considered for a long time as plentiful, the water became a rare resource today. This rarity is problematic all the more as water requirements increase because of the increase of the world population, the urbanization and the development of the intensive farming, the pollution of groundwaters and wasting. Marianne, by the intervention of the postage stamp, calls back us our ecological duty.
Remark:Nice self-made FDC by Eric,Thanks Eric for such lovely FDC,I found very interesting facts The miniature sheet was released on 27th FEB'2010 and the 1st Day cancellation was in shape of water droplet on 27th FEB'2010 but in the official website of the "la post" the other stamp"Stamp Marianne - Party(Holiday) of the stamp 2010 - Protect the water" was released on 1st MAR'2010.It means the stamps was sold before official issue date?
You will find our local post-office put the delivery seal on the front side of the cover.India post is so bad now days only God will save.Next year they were hosting the International exhibition but reality everybody know.

1 comment:

omari013 said...

no my friend, February 27 is the date in France celebrate the day or the next issue of stamps with special cancellations as the one on your pretty envelope sent by éric.But the day of issue (March 1) is the date or the sale in all post offices country.These is that date which is recorded as the day of issue.


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