Dec 15, 2009

500th Anniversary of Cristmas tree FDC from LATIVA

FDC Name:500th Anniversary of Cristmas tree.
Issue Date:27th NOV'2009.
Designer: Girts Griva
Paper: Chalky
Printing process: Offset
Miniature Sheet composition: 10 (2 x 5) stamps
Printing run: 775 - 1.200.000; 776-777 - 300.000.
Michel catalogue numbers: 775-777
Printed at:SIA "Baltijas banknote", Latvija
  • 35 (S). multicoloured. Decoration of Christmas tree. Horse.
  • 55 (S). multicoloured. Decoration of Christmas tree. Fish
  • 60 (S). multicoloured. Decoration of Christmas tree. Snowflake.
Remark:Nice Christmas FDC posted on the issue date by registered post by my friend on the issue date,Many thanks & wish you all Merry Christmas.

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