Nov 26, 2009

Saku Hall FDC from ESOTNIA

FDC Name:Saku Hall
Issue Date:5th NOv'2009.
Details:Saku Hall is the most outstanding architectural monument in the small town of Saku on the middle reaches of the Vääna River close to Tallinn, one of the most beautiful examples of Classical architecture in Estonia. The first reports of the manor go back to 1489 when the manor seat was situated a few kilometers to the south from the present location. It moved to where it stands today in the 17th century. It had a number of earlier owners but in 1765 Otto Magnus von Rehbinder bought the estate. His grandson Paul Eduard started to build up the mansion in a grand style. The manor hall has a portico with rich decor supporting on four beautiful columns and large “Venetian” windows. The architect has remained unidentified (the famous Carlo Rossi of St. Petersburg has been suggested as one of the possible authors). Stucco décor and stenciled paintings enhance the interior. In the 20th century the manor hall housed a domestic economy school and then a specialized secondary school. It has also served as the seat of the local government. Today Saku Hall functions as a holiday and seminar center.
Denomination: 5.50
Date: 05.11.2009
Print: ofset
Designer: Jaan Saar
Perforation: 14 : 13¾
Sheets: 5 x 4
Quantity issued: 40 000
Printing house: AS Vaba Maa
Michel catalogue number: 648
Remark:Nice real posted FDC in my address,Many many thanks to my friend.

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