Oct 25, 2009

Children's Folk Rhymes FDC from TAIWAN

FDC Name:Children's Folk Rhymes.
Issue Date:26th August 2009.
Details:Chunghwa Post are regularly issuing stamps on children's folk Rhymes so they are now following up with another set of four stamps on the subject.
  • NT$5.00: "Little Girl and Her Doll"Originally named "Doll in the Garden," the stamp features a little girl carrying a doll on her back, with the background features the garden described in the song. The little birdie in the upper right corner is a fun nod to the last line of the song and is sure to bring a smile to everyone face.
  • NT$5.00: "Train"In reflection of the song's theme, the stamp features a child happily riding a train. The red color is lively and fun and creates a joyous atmosphere, conveying the kid's excitement as he gets closer to home.
  • NT$5.00: "Thunder Shower" The big raindrops of the thundershower echo the name of the song. The pink lotus blossoms in the pond and the fireflies and anthropomorphic fish in the rain add layers of interest to the turquoise water.
  • NT$5.00: "Kingdom of Dolls"The stamp features the king and his soldier leaving their palace on horseback. The distant castle is in reference to the name of the song. The king and the soldier, on the one hand, and the castle, on the other—one in the front and one in the back, one large and one small—create a sense of rhythm for the entire composition.
Remark:Beautiful set of stamps on the FDC,Posted on the issue date by registered airmail post.Many thanks for such lovely FDC.

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