Oct 4, 2009

Animals for production-The Ovine uace(Sheep) FDC from ARGENTINA

FDC Name:Animals for production-The Ovine Uace(Sheep).
Issue date:22nd AUG'2009
Details:The domestic sheep (Ovis aries) is a quadruped ,ruminant,ungulate mammal pertaining to the Artiodactyla-that is,animals the extremities of which end in an even number of toes,Presumably sheep are descended from the moufflon that was domesticated in the near east in 9000 B.C,approximately Sheep are bred for their wool,their meat and their milk particular for cheese production,Sheep lather is a much appreciated by-product.Currently there exist more than 800 sheep breeds worldwide.Argentina was 3rd world producer of virgin wool.
  • Wool:-On a yearly basis,Argentina produce 70,000 tones of virgin wool.Argentina keeps being the 3rd worldwide exporter.
  • Milk:-In 2008,there were a total of 3692 milking sheep,milk production is estimated to be somewhat higher than 500,000 liters.Cheese production is estimated in almost 100,000 kilos
  • Meat:-98% of meat produced in Argentina comes from either central Provinces or Patagonia,Meat is exported to over 20 countries

Six postage stamps was issued with FDC representative Ovine races to be exploited in Argentina.These are

  1. $1-Merino(Mainly for wool)
  2. $1-Corriedate(Wool and meat)
  3. $1-Romney marsh(wool and meat)
  4. $1-Hampshire Down(meat)
  5. $1-Frisian(milk)
  6. $1-Lincolin(wool & meat)

Technical details:

  • Printed- 80000 minisheets and 3000 FDC.
  • Design by
  • Martin comoglio
  • Stamp Size: 44 x 34 mm
  • Perforation: 14
  • paper: without any watermark,
  • Printing process: offset
  • Printer: Letra Viva S.A

Remark:Nice real posted FDC by my friend Monica after long time,excellent minisheet FDC with good first day cancellation.

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