Sep 22, 2009

Modern Taiwanese Paintings FDC from TAIWAN

FDC Name:Modern Taiwanese Paintings.
Issue Date:7th AUG'2009
Details:To introduce the achievements of Taiwanese painters to the general public, Chunghwa Post has issued a series of stamps featuring modern Taiwanese paintings. Earlier sets were released on December 6, 2002, November 20, 2003, and March 25, 2004. Following these sets, Chunghwa Post will release another two stamps from the collection of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, featuring Taiwanese painter Lin Yu-shan's On the Way Home and Two Heads of Cattle.

Lin Yu-shan (1907-2004), who was originally named Lin Ying-kuei. In 1927, Lin became famous overnight when his work Water Buffalo was selected for the first Taiten (Taiwan Art Exhibition). Apart from his depictions of animals such as birds, tigers and cattle, Lin was best known for his landscapes, which he created with a supple use of brushstrokes. On the Way Home and Two Heads of Cattle are two of his most important works.

The details of denominations are
  1. NT$5.00: On the Way HomeA peasant woman walks slowly home with a water buffalo that is carrying a bundle of sugar cane on its back in twilight time. The natural and vivid composition is earnest and moving.
  2. NT$25.00: Two Heads of Cattle The painting portrays two vigorous oxen beside some cactus plants. The composition is bold, simple and powerful.
In celebration of the Philately Day on August 9 and to add interest in philately, the stamps will be printed as a gutter pair. The gutter will bear the Chinese characters for “2009 Philately Day” and a design of a collector pouring over stamps with a magnifier.
Remark:Nice real posted FDC by registered airmail post.

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