Jun 16, 2009

The National Museum of history of Latvia FDC from Latvia

FDC Name:The National Museum of history of Latvia
Issue Date:14th MAy 2009
About history of occurrence of the Museum is of history of Lativa.The city was part of Livonia,Its inhabitants could be only Germans.The heritage of centuries is visible on figures of census of city dweller Riga in 1867,Germans are 45%,Russian -25% and Latvians-24%.
Technical Details:
Designer: Arta Ozola Jaunaraja
Paper: chalky
Printing process: offset
Perforation: comb 13 1/4
Size of a stamp: 37,50 x 30 mm.
Michel catalogue number: 759
Remark:Excellent real posted registered FDC by my friend Evgeni from Lativa with good write up.Thanks.>

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