Apr 10, 2009

Europa 2009- Astronomy FDC from LATIVA

FDC Name:Europa 2009- Astronomy.
Issue Date:2nd APRIL'2009.
Details:A series the Europe has replenished with two new stamps,devoted to the International year of Astronomy.The details are as follows
1-50 (S). Telescope shmidt which is being in Baldone and a portrait of the Latvian astronomer Yan Ikauniek.
2-55 (S).Astronomers on the background of space.The Solar system with a meteorite,Institute of Astronomy of the Latvian University, a radio telescope and portraits of Scientists-astronomers is represented.
United Nations(UN) has declared 2009 International year of Astronomy.
Approximately 25 FDC have a stamp "Institute of astronomy of the Latvian university". Surnames of scientists on stamps are read on German manners: each letter has the sound. About each scientist it is possible to find something interesting. For example, know something on a line of philately. On stamp with face value of 55 centimes of 5 portraits. F.Blumbakh - from collector has heard, that during Soviet time the "club" envelope about this scientist has been let out in the Riga society of philatelists. Last portrait. F.Cander (in English ?) (1887-1933) - has received formation in Riga (The Russian empire). After the first world war worked in Moscow (USSR). Mail of the USSR in 1964 has let out a series from three interesting stamps about builders of rockets: Kybalchich (Кибальчич), Tsiolkovsky and Cander. Face value of each stamps of 10 copecks. On last stamp portrait of Cander. Mail of the USSR has let out about Cander an envelope and a postcard. The philatelic material turns out a lot of.
Technical Details:
Designer: Elita Viliama
Paper: chalky
Printing process: offset
Perforation: comb 14 : 13 1/4
Size of a stamp: 33 x 27,50 mm.
Miniature Sheet composition: 10 (2 x 5) stamps
Printing run: 400.000 stamps .
Michel catalogue numbers: 757-758
Remark:This FDC posted by my friend Evgenii Lim from the Institute of Astronomy ,University of Lativa by registered post on the issue date.This is one of my rare FDC as same was posted from the Institute of Astronomy which has on the stamps and FDC.Lot of thanks to my friend.

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